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Loyalty Program

At All Head Services, we believe our loyal customers should be rewarded. Our loyalty program is pretty simple - the more you spend with AHS over the program year, the greater the rewards you receive.

Each program year commences on 1st February and runs for 12 months.

As part of the program, every dollar you spend counts towards your loyalty level. You will be rewarded for ALL purchases – diesel and petrol cylinder heads, engines, jobbing, and gaskets, making it easier for you to reach the next loyalty level. And once you have reached a loyalty level, it is set, unlike the frequent flyer programs where you get downgraded if you don’t fly, we don’t downgrade you.

Further, the more you spend, subject to the usual credit and trading history check, the terms of your account can be increased.

The Loyalty program looks like this


• Min. annual spend $15,000 (excl GST)*

• 6th cylinder head for free

• 30 Days EOM


• Min. annual spend $10,000 (excl GST)*

• $500 (excl GST) off 6th cylinder head

• 30 Days from invoice


• Min. annual spend $5,000 (excl GST)*

• $400 (excl GST) off 6th cylinder head

• 14 Days from invoice


• Min. annual spend $1,000 (excl GST)*

• $300 (excl GST) off 6th cylinder head

• 7 Days from invoice

Note, as a Capricorn customer, you automatically get your 30 days EOM as per your Capricorn membership.

If you have any queries about the loyalty program or your membership status, please call us on 1300416181 or email:

* Minimum annual spend levels may be reviewed annually


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