Steering & Suspension

New to All Head Services, manufactured by BG Automotive, All head’s can drop ship the following:

Track Control Arms & Ball Joints

BGA track control arms and Ball joints are manufactured to the highest industry levels.

With Steering and suspension being a safety critical product, quality is key. All metals used are tested 100% for defects and all Track control arms are electronically coated to protect against salt, dirt and water ingress. Ball joints are lubricated with an industry leading grease managing extreme temperatures.

Suspension Kits

Suspension kits are an effective way to replace Suspension parts. Suspension kits contain all the parts toreplace either the front or rear suspension. The range that BGA have introduced has over 80 part numbers. The kits are comprehensive for example, the Audi multi link suspension kit contains Track control arms, Bolts, Tie rod ends and Stabiliser links. Saving the customer time and logistics.

All manufactured to the same high standard as other BGA products.

Suspension Bushes

OE quality suspension bushes meet and exceed industry standards.

Suspension bushes are used to separate parts and allow the necessary movement for the suspension.

It is important that the bushing is durable to achieve comfort and stability therefore, BGA only supply bushes with high quality rubber. All rubber is tested and exceeds OE shore

Strut Mounts & Engine Mounts

BGA have extended their range of Strut Mount Kits.

Strut mounts attach the suspension strut to the vehicle and support and stabilise the chassis and body.To meet the demand of the market, BGA have extended the Strut mount kit range to over 200 part numbers. All kits will contain the relevant part for an effective replacement e.g. if a  bearing is required it will be part of the kit.As with the suspension bushes, all rubber is tested to the highest standard. This includes a salt corrosion test ensuring the part will perform in any environment.

Stabiliser Links

Stabiliser links from BGA to maintain the geometry of the vehicle.  Stabiliser links are integral to the vehicles geometry ensuring that the vehicle is stable and controls the level of the vehicle when negotiating poor roads and speed calming.

These parts are tested to destruction and vigorously tested on rolling roads simulating real driving conditions, meeting and exceeding OE specifications. The ball pin is all one piece of metal and is encased in a plastic  bearing for increased strength and longevity.

Rack Ends & Tie Rod Ends

Providing positive steering for safe cornering and vehicle guidance.

The BGA range of steering rods offers parts for popular and new vehicles. It is imperative that parts are in good condition and performing effectively.

To achieve this, all parts undertake stringent tests throughout the complete manufacturing process to ensure an excellent product finish.In addition, all welded components are tested electronically for welding penetration. BGA are committed to offering parts of the highest standard to maintain durability in the event of an impact.

Steering & Suspension BGA Catalogue