Cylinder Head Reconditioning

Most people know us as an industry leading cylinder head and engine exchange specialist, but we offer so much more than just our exchange program! Our Melbourne remanufacturing factory has a fully-equipped jobbing shop, where we perform cylinder head servicing for customers.

Our jobbing shop is run by two industry-qualified, experienced mechanics and overseen by our Jobbing Manager. Once you drop off your cylinder head, we’ll do a diagnostics report explaining why the cylinder head may have failed and provide a quote to repair any issues or replace it.

Our cylinder head reconditioning service may include:

  • Hot tanking and high-pressure washing
  • Pressure-testing and magnetic crack-testing
  • Aluminium casting hardness checks
  • Aluminuim TIG welding and cast iron crack repairing
  • Aluminium casting corrosion repair
  • Cylinder head straightening
  • LP Gas valve seat fitting
  • K-Line fitting and diamond honing valve guides
  • Surfacing cylinder heads and blocks
  • Surface grinding cylinder heads and blocks
  • Line boring camshaft tunnels and main bearing tunnels
  • Broken stud removal / heli coil fitting / screw in stud and guide plate fitting
  • Porting and high-performance work
  • Combustion chamber equalising and sizing
  • Shim tappet adjustments.

Fast Turnaround

Usually we can repair the cylinder head within 24 to 48 hours. We use the best equipment available and employ experienced mechanics to be able to deliver exceptional results!

Engine Reconditioning

Our engine shop is run by our engine manager, Geoff. Geoff has worked in various roles, including as an automotive mechanic, and engine and chassis builder in Australian Sprint Car racing and in the US with NASCAR, service manager, business development manager and warranty manager. Prior to joining us, he was the Quality Control manager for Toyota at their engine manufacturing operation in Altona

Our engine reconditioning service includes:

  • Small and Long Engines
  • Bore and hone
  • Deck surfacing
  • Hot Tanks
  • Camshaft Grinding
  • Engine Rebuilding
  • Oil Pressure Testing

Fast Turnaround

Usually we can complete a full recondition on an engine within 10 business days of receipt of the engine.. We use the best equipment available and employ experienced automotive machinists and mechanics to be able to deliver exceptional results!