2006 – 2011 Ford Ranger 2.5L TD WL-C / 3.0L TD WE-C
2006 – 2011 Mazda BT50 2.5L TD WLAT / 3.0L TD WEAT

All Head Services had a call from a customer who had fitted a new cylinder head to a 3.0L WE-C Turbo Diesel Ford Ranger several months ago with a complaint of an oil leak at the rear of the cylinder head which had been there since the head was fitted.

Approximately half way up the rear of the head there is a Welch plug and above that is an open oil drain hole, which is there to drain any oil out of the injector tunnel area.

The customer believed there was a fault as the hole had no thread in it and engine oil was leaking out of the hole!

These cylinder heads have a bolt on cam carrier fitted to the head. The lower cam carrier has four injector seals which must be replaced whenever the injectors and valve cover are removed. Care must be taken when fitting the injectors and rocker cover gasket as damage to either or misplacement of the gasket will cause oil to enter the injector valley and leak out of the oil drain hole at the rear of the cylinder head.

Service Fix
The customer removed the rocker cover and replaced the valve cover gasket along with the four injector seals and the problem was solved! Should one of these vehicles be presented to your workshop with these symptoms check the valve cover gasket and injector seals for any damage or fitment issues that could cause the oil leak!

Injector Clamp: 21-26 Nm
Camshaft Carrier/Caps: 8-11 Nm