Engine Removal and Replacement

The Issue?

You’ve spent a fortune outfitting your 4×4 with all the gear you wanted from ARB, opposite lock or Kings.

You’ve got the electric brakes added, duel batteries with solar, long range tank and the light bar.

The rig is ready to go, and your looking at your next holiday and there is a knock in the damn engine.

Thinking about the time, effort and cost of replacing the vehicle and all the extras can be stressful.

Do you repair the existing engine, replace it or purchase a new vehicle? OK what do you do?

Need to Consider?

There are a few things to consider when making the assessment, namely the replacement cost of what you already have; the remaining time you want to continue to travel around Australia, the current book value of the vehicle and any emotional attachment.

It’s highly unlikely that replacing the engine will increase the value of your vehicle, however, replacing the engine with a fully reconditioned engine will extend the life of your vehicle and if done properly, will reduce the total cost of ownership.

Depending on the age and kilometers of the vehicle, a fully reconditioned engine done correctly can see you out until you are ready to retire form the nomadic lifestyle or choose to tour Australia under different methods.

What should be included in the job?

When replacing your engine, the following should be replaced as well:

  • Radiator and associated hoses
  • The turbo if fitted, should be tested and if needed reconditioned or replaced
  • The fuel injectors should be replaced
  • New injector pump
  • A new thermostat
  • A new waterpump
  • New Oil, air and fuel filters
  • New Glow plugs (diesel), or spark plugs (if petrol)

Why?  Because we’ve found through our own experience that over time, all the components in the engine  wear down.  Once the engine has been replaced, all the tolerances, and compression, etc is higher, resulting in the next weakest part failing.   By replacing all the components along with the reconditioned engine, you can gain confidence that your vehicle will allow you to continue the grey nomad dream.

If you wish to have a no obligation quote to remove, recondition and replace your engine, contact All Head Services either on 1300 41 61 81 or at sales@allhead.com.au