All of our cylinder head reconditioning happens at our Melbourne based remanufacturing factory. Prior to the cylinder head being dismantled by our team of mechanics, the first thing we do is check whether the cylinder head is serviceable from a cylinder head hardness perspective.

Using the Brinell hardness tester, we can work out whether your cylinder head is too soft. If that’s the case, we may be able to harden it again or we may recommend getting a new cylinder head altogether. What you don’t want is to go ahead and machine a soft head, as it may blow the head gasket.

If straightening, boring, benching or blasting is needed, we’ll get to work. Pressure-testing and magnetic crack-testing is then performed to identify issues. This step is extremely important, as small imperfections can cause major problems down the track.

Valve guides and K-lines are then fitted. The line boring camshaft tunnels and main bearing tunnels are checked, then the cylinder heads and blocks are surfaced.

As part of our quality assurance, our reconditioned cylinder heads are checked at two independent stations and signed off before they go out the door. The mechanic who does the work never does the quality control inspection – it’s always independent.