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Nissan QR25DE Camshaft Breakage

Nissan QR25DE Camshafts

All Head Services have had numerous occurrences of broken camshafts on the Nissan QR25DE engines. Read more ...

Clean Your Intake Manifolds

clean your intake manifold

All Head Services recently had a customer who purchased a reconditioned Mitsubishi 6G72 long engine. They swapped all the components over from the original engine and fitted the reconditioned engine to the vehicle, but it did not end well. Read more ...

MLS Head Gaskets

Multi Layer Steel Head Gasket

Many modern engines use Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) head gaskets that require the block surface to be meticulously prepared to seal correctly. Read more ...

Mind The Gap

Nissan ZD30 timing cover leak

There have been several instances where customers have purchased Nissan ZD30 cylinder heads and after fitting the heads there has been a coolant and oil leak at the timing gear case area near the cylinder head. Read more ...

Hyundai Head Gaskets

Hyundai and Kia head gaskets

Hyundai / Kia 2.0L G4GC Head gaskets ... There is a right and a wrong way to fit them. Read more ...

Sealant Overload

excessive use of sealant

Proof that there can be too much of a good thing. Excessive application of sealant has caused some serious damage to a number of vehicles. Read more ...

Lash Adjuster Warning

Hydraulic lash adjuster bleed down

It's easy to think 'she'll be right' and hope that the lifters will bleed down themselves. However,leaving it to chance can be an expensive mistake to make. Read more ...

Those Lash Caps

valve stem lash caps

When replacing cylinder heads, failure to refit all valve lash caps can cause costly engine damage. Read more ...

Camshaft Seizure

Ford / Mazda oil pickup

Mazda BT50 / Ford Ranger WEC 3.0 Litre Turbo Diesel. Camshaft Sized and bent valves after cylinder head was replaced with exchange unit. Read more ...


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